Are you ready to remodel your kitchen in 2019?

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen in 2019?

Are you getting ready to remodel your home? If the answer is yes then look no further then Cabinet City for your design ideas and much more.

Here are some popular trends to think about:


I love this look for kitchens. Bold and dynamic flooring with a mix of two different kinds of cabinets gives a beautiful and bold look for any home. The reason I list this option first is that you're not locked into one specific design look. You can branch off in different directions with backsplash and countertop ideas.

Cool Appliances & Hood Vents

When it comes to the range I would definitely stick the big name appliances with feature-rich accessories. Stick with a dual fuel Wolf. The reason for this is because of the convection cooking option and the self-cleaning feature. Plus those read knobs have meaning.

The range is the centerpiece of the kitchen so it has to be good but the hood vent above needs to be equally impressive. Don't skimp in this area. Make it a good one.

Under Counter Appliances

This is a big one for me. A small beverage refrigerator is a great idea as well as a small wine chiller. They're great for beer, soda, water, and these appliances create space in the large refrigerator.

You can also get really nice under counter microwave ovens that are flat and sleek. Most people are getting away from microwaving food these days so in all fairness we use our all the time for heating drinks like coffee and other cooking alternatives and we use it a lot more then we thought we would.

Concrete Counter Tops

I love them but they seem to be a lot of work to make right but when you find a skilled concrete countertop installer they are STUNNING! This is one of my new favorite things for the kitchen and you can dye concrete just about any color you can think of.

Two-tone Cabinets

Love this look as you can have some fun with design ideas and styles. Keep in mind that this is done intentionally so the creative ideas that surround the backsplash the flooring and the ceiling all come into play now.

Pendant Lighting

One of the most looked at items in the kitchen is the pendant lights that hang above the island. These are statement pieces that allow you unlimited ideas to wow your guests. The problem here for most people is that they tend to go to small because they don't want to overpower the room. I think this is a mistake as you should install lighting based on the size and scale of the room and the area you intend to light. A Cabinet City designer can help you with this but three tiny little pendant lights are just not going to work for such an important part of the room.

These are just a few ideas and looks to consider when remodeling your home in 2019.

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