An Organized Home for the Holidays

An Organized Home for the Holidays

Ahhh, December. Christmas decorations are up, snowblowers are being tested and all around the city people are preparing for holiday entertaining and overnight guests. The holidays can be stressful, to be sure. And while there may not be time for a complete dream remodel that adds sleeping space or unclutters your kitchen, we offer the following thoughts and ideas to help keep the “happy” in your holidays this year.

  • Give the gift that truly keeps on giving. What could be a better way to start the New Year than finally adding that locker storage or updating that small bathroom to better utilize the space? How about adding a Murphy Bed so your in-laws don’t have to sleep on an air mattress in the middle of your office next year? Our beautiful yet affordable home storage solutions make a perfect gift. And, what fun it is to undertake a project with a family member or partner that will add functionality and value to your home!
  • Simplify your meal planning. If cluttered counters and overflowing pantries make it a challenge to cook and serve that giant, traditional holiday meal, move your menu out of the holiday box. A hearty lasagna can be made ahead and frozen so all you have to do is pop it in the oven. Top it with diced tomatoes and basil for festive color and great flavor; just add salad and bread for a full meal. Or, consider a spread of heavy appetizers. This is especially fun if you and your guests pick a theme and everyone is assigned a dish or two to bring. Sharing the work is one of the best ways to relieve holiday meal stress.
  • Move the drinks out of the kitchen. If your guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen, add festive flair and help spread out the party by setting up a mini bar station with all the fixins’ in another room. If you don’t have a dedicated bar space, Cabinet City can help you create one … or, a card table covered with a holiday tablecloth, colorful glassware and a few simple decorations does the trick in the meantime.
  • Pre-plan space for coats and boots. Unless you have lockers or a coat closet right in your entry way, make sure you designate a space in advance for people to shed their outdoor layers upon arrival. Assigning a kid or two to be on “coat check” duty is a win-win.

Finally, look ahead and resolve to get organized in the New Year. It can be hard in the midst of entertaining, but take some time this season to evaluate what could be improved. Is there space for all overnight guests to sleep comfortably? Do you pile chips, rolls and other bulky items in a corner of your counter due to a lack of cabinet space? Do you have to wade through a sea of coats and boots to get to your front door? Bring us your home storage and organizational challenges and let us help you kick off 2018 in a way that will make your life a little easier and your home more beautiful and functional. Happy Holidays from all of us at Cabinet City!

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