F. A. Q.

Here are some common questions asked about Cabinet City.



Can I mix and match cabinets?

Yes, you can!   We will draw the design to your specific needs complete with a mix and match of styles and colors.  You drawing is performed by a Certified Kitchen and Bath designer from Dream House Dream Kitchens.  We do this all the time for large and small projects.

How are the cabinets priced?

You will have a choice of cabinets that are the same cabinets used by Dream House Dream Kitchens in many of their customer projects. We created this line of streamlined cabinets with the purpose of providing a superior quality product at a more affordable price point. They are standard rather than custom sizes when keeps the price more affordable – but there are endless options for how we can help you configure them to meet your project needs.

Do I have to provide a down payment?

Yes.  Once the cabinets are chosen and the measurements are made Cabinet City will ask for a downpayment of 50% before the drawing is performed and the cabinets are ordered.

What if I want to make changes after I place an order?

You can only add cabinets to your project and not reduce the amount of cabinets.  When adding cabinets the changes will not be drawn into the project.  You will be responsible for where they go and how they fit into your project.

Many people will add a cabinet that does not have to be drawn in and its an easy fit into the design.  But if you're going to add a cabinet into the middle of the design we do not recommend doing that.

What do I do about counter tops?

This is a question we get asked all the time.  Cabinet City will have counter top samples for you to choose from and order.  Counter tops are drawn into the design and we can then offer outside installers to perform the job.



What information do we collect?


At Cabinet City we will collect some personal information that you provide if and when you send us an email from the contact form.  Cabinet City will not sell, trade or misuse your personal information in any way.

Our website will use cookies to collect data used in our marketing as every website on the Internet does.


Can I buy the products online?

Our products are not currently for sale online and we only have a portion of the products on our website as many more styles, designs and colors are available in the showroom.

How far will you go to measure our project?

Our Cabinet City staff will go 100 miles in any direction from the showroom to measure your project.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please contact us via a Contact page form or call us directly on 608-204-7575