Get More Mileage out of Your Garage

Long gone are the days of garages simply being a place to park your car. In the May-July issue of Home Elements & Concepts (see page 40), Cabinet City’s Chris Schmidt contributed a great article that highlights how “Innovations in flooring, cabinet materials and design, and storage accessories and systems, are making it possible for your garage to be more than just a catchall for the debris of living.” Absolutely!

Garages are growing up and getting their well-deserved due. And with good reason: while they may never be as cozy as a comfy bedroom or achieve the “heart of the home” status of a kitchen or living room, garages typically have more square footage than any other room in the house. Yet, this space can feel messy and wasted if it just exists to collect the “debris of living” – last season’s sports equipment, old bikes, items on their way to Goodwill, a smattering of mismatched tools. We’re sure you could fill in the blank here with more of your own clutter.

What would your ultimate garage makeover look like? We have a few options to get your “wheels” turning:

• Locker systems so each family member has a dedicated space for sports equipment, boots and cleats, and outdoor recreation gear.
• Custom racks so bikes and other large items such as ladders have a dedicated, out of the way storage space that fits with your specific garage layout and parking needs.
• The ultimate workbench with cubbies and drawers so every screw and tool has its place and isn’t cluttering up your workspace.
• An extension of your kitchen or pantry with clean, quality cabinets to store extra food, beverages, toilet paper and other bulk items.
• Everything stored and stowed to leave room to create the perfect mom, dad or kid cave.

Search “garage storage” or “garage organization” on Pinterest for more inspiration. Or, better yet, visit our showroom to discuss your unique needs and ideas. We’d love to help you maximize your garage space today so you can start living in your whole house!

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