New Year, New Opportunities to Get Organized

New Year, New Opportunities to Get Organized

It happens at the start of every year: people make all kinds of resolutions about what they would like to organize, improve, lose or gain. If you’re reading this and you’re human, chances are you’ve broken a resolution or two. Maybe you’ve even resolved to never make another resolution!

Statistics show that only about 8% of New Year’s Resolutions succeed, so it seems we could all use whatever help we can get to make our resolutions a reality. If your 2018 vision board includes some home organization and improvement items, Cabinet City can help.

In addition to the kitchen & bath, we help clients improve and organize closets, mudrooms, lockers, garages and more by adding streamlined, beautiful and affordable home storage solutions. Here is a closer look at some of our more popular projects and the areas that are most likely to benefit from improved storage and functionality:

• Bathrooms. The right shelving and storage is key to maximizing space and keeping private items in their proper place, especially in smaller bathrooms.

• Laundry. Laundry tops the list of least favorite household chores for many people, but when you have the right space to handle all your laundry needs in a more organized way – sorting bins, drying racks, hanging storage – it becomes a less daunting task.

• Closets. A clean, organized closet is the best way to get the most useful life out of your clothing, shoes, and accessories … and to ensure you can find them without digging too deep!

• Kitchen & Pantry. For everything from glassware to spices to larger spaces to store bulk items, no room of the house can benefit from added storage and functionality like the kitchen.

• Garage. Whether a haven for the DIY master or a catch-all for games, sports and grills, we ask a lot of our garages. Keep this keyspace free of clutter and easier to clean with a garage storage solution that fits your family’s needs, hobbies and interests.

• Mudrooms & Lockers. An organized mudroom can make the transition from outdoors to indoors much more seamless and much less cluttered. But, even without a dedicated mudroom, we have yet to meet an entryway that couldn’t benefit from lockers being added.

Stop in our showroom today or give us a call to get started toward making your home storage improvements a reality in 2018. And Happy New Year from all of us here at Cabinet City!

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