The beautiful feeling of a clean and neat garage!

The beautiful feeling of a clean and neat garage!

The beautiful feeling of a clean and neat garage!

I love a clean garage and I spend a small part of every weekend making sure our garage stays that way. What's better than coming home and pulling into a garage that is clean and organized? Doing so sets the mood for the day or evening. It makes me feel good. I like being able to open the doors to get out without having to squeeze my body through what seems like an opening the size of an escape hatch to get out. My wife likes to open the passenger door without hitting the wall or other clutter that fills up most garages. That's the worst!

We don't have the luxury of having a cool floor as you see in some NASCAR showrooms so our garage floor looks like a typical garage you would see anywhere. But, I'm going to solve that problem this summer. I'm going to paint the floor using an epoxy paint and sealer. I've seen it done before and I loved the look. The beautiful thing here is that anything I do is better then what I have now so there is no downside. And it seems rather inexpensive to achieve the desired look

Clutter is the cars enemy inside your garage. If you want to keep your car safe and without any scratches, you need the right garage organization. For me, it was building a shed to store all your garage items and keep the garage empty. We needed a shed anyway so this was the perfect solution. There is nothing in our garage except the trash and recycle bins. That's it! There's nothing else and it's a wonderful thing.

I know that many people do not have a shed option so garage storage cabinets are the way to go for you, ORG has amazing storage units and Cabinet City sells the entire line of ORG products.

I have a friend who has a brand new car and it's already scratched and dinged from items that fell on it while parked in his garage. He was moving things around and a rake fell on the car near the headlight and then a cold plastic bottle of car wax was knocked over and fell on the roof of his car from the overhead shelves that hang from the ceiling where he drives under to park his car leaving a small but noticeable dent. I don't have a problem with overhead storage outside of the way it looks but it has a purpose. He has a two car garage but he only has room for one car. His wife's car has to park in the driveway. That's not good.

His garage is much bigger than our garage and he could easily take advantage of the garage organizers from ORG. The entire back wall could be used for ORG cabinets which is a great look if you have the room.

So if you're interested in improving your garage and you have any questions or ideas please reach out the professionals at Cabinet City.  We're happy to help and we love talking garages.

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