Lighten Your Laundry Load

Lighten Your Laundry Load

In surveys of our least favorite household chores, laundry usually ranks right at the top of the list. The hauling and sorting and the sheer amount of time required to manage laundry makes it a daunting task.

Shelving, sorting and storage systems for the laundry room offer a great way to help lighten your laundry load, bringing functional – even beautiful – cabinetry and space-efficient solutions to an area of the home that often feels cluttered and disorganized.

Cabinet City can help make the task of laundry less laborious. Consider the following for your laundry room:


  • All cleaning chemicals stowed in their proper place, which can be especially important if there are young children in the home
  • Separate bins to keep colors and fabrics sorted prior to washing instead of all being jumbled together
  • Out-of-sight storage for larger items such as iron and ironing board
  • Built in areas to hang or dry items
  • Sufficient surfaces for sorting and folding clean clothes


For most of us, laundry is a fact of life. It’s invaluable for something that demands so much of our time to be streamlined and made more efficient. If Pinterest has you pining for inspired, organizational solutions for the laundry room or any room in your home – mudrooms, pantries, closets, and, of course, kitchens & baths – visit our Cabinet City showroom in Madison, WI (on University Ave. in Middleton) today to start exploring the possibilities. We have great styles to fit family budgets, as well as a top-notch design team waiting to make your laundry room makeover a reality.

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