Five Tips for an Organized Pantry

We’ve all experienced digging deep into our pantry to find long-lost items that have passed their prime simply because we couldn’t see or access them.

We’d love to have you pay us a visit at Cabinet City to explore a range of pantry options to fit a variety of spaces and budgets. In the meantime, check out this list of 5 tips to help keep your food fresh and your pantry organized:

1. Invest in clear jars, canisters, and containers. Clear containers don’t discriminate when it comes to pantry size. Whether you have an abundance of space or a small shelf or cabinet, any food storage space can be immediately improved by transitioning items from bulky boxes or messy bags into labeled clear jars or canisters.

2. Hang a chalk or dry erase board. Make sure what you need is always on hand or jot down notes about what’s overstocked by adding a chalk or dry erase board inside of or next to your pantry. Writing down quick notes will prevent you from forgetting key items when its time to make your grocery list and can help with menu planning.

3. Add wheeled cart. Especially helpful in small spaces, a wheeled cart offers additional storage that can easily move or slide in and of spaces to increase functionality and access.

4. Create a kids’ snack zone. Sometimes the biggest pantry offenders are the littlest family members. Designate a basket or space on a reachable shelf and fill it with your kids’ favorite healthy snacks. If they can easily reach items, they won’t “reorganize” your pantry trying to dig around for treats.

5. Buy the right sizes for your family. Avoid overbuying a supply of something that isn’t realistic to use up just because it’s on sale or inexpensive. On the flip side, buying in bulk and transitioning items to a more space-friendly container (see #1) can be both cost- and space-effective.

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